Koichiro Matsumoto Appointed President/CEO of Bushu Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

KAWAGOE, Japan, Aug. 18, 2020

New Leadership Looks to Meet Evolving Needs and Challenges of Global Market, Starting with Establishment of Misato Cold Chain Center

In response to requests for a professional contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) partner in Asia that can better meet the needs and challenges of the global market, Bushu Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (hereinafter "Bushu Pharma") appointed Mr. Koichiro Matsumoto as President and CEO of the company as of July 6.

Bushu Pharma is a leading CDMO in Japan that produces high-quality pharmaceutical and medical devices with advanced quality control and supply chain management support.

In his new role, Matsumoto will advance the company’s mission of "Enabling a robust global healthcare industry and a healthier world" by shaping the company’s resources and business practices to better meet the needs of pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers across its three major target markets: North America, Europe and Japan.

As part of the company’s business plan, Bushu Pharma has just announced a major capital program calling for the company to invest USD$100m to expand its footprint, capacity and services over the next five years. The company is also set to launch its new 3,900-square-meter (42,000-sq.-ft.) cold chain warehouse facility at its Misato plant, which will be operational by September for storage of temperature-controlled sterile drugs and biologics. The new facility is an important component in the company’s "Gateway to Asia" hub strategy which enables international pharmaceutical companies to import bulk products into Japan for quality inspection, labeling, packaging and then distribution throughout Japan and other Asian countries. The company also places a high priority on the further strengthening of its multiple international GMP certifications across the North American, European and Asian markets.

Bushu Pharma has also begun placing an increased emphasis on CSR activities, desiring to support the U.N. SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) and society as a whole. With its key stakeholders in mind, Matsumoto will ensure the company closely complies with ISO26000 guidance, maintains strong corporate governance and information disclosure, builds sincere consumer and supplier relations, and takes responsible actions as it conducts its business.

Keenly desiring to help build a healthier society of the future, Matsumoto looks forward to the company’s role in the global pharmaceutical and medical device industry: "I am excited to lead Bushu Pharmaceuticals as we expand our ability to provide reliable, attentive and cost-competitive solutions for the global healthcare industry."

About Bushu Pharmaceuticals
Established in 1998, Bushu Pharmaceuticals Ltd. carries out contract manufacturing and packaging of clinical trials and commercial products in accordance with the latest GMP standards. With the latest know-how and industry information, Bushu Pharma prides itself in being able to offer added-value solutions to customers for contract manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, investigational drugs and medical devices.
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